Email, passwords, deactivations, and other account-realted,answers
Why can't I log in to my account?
It might be because of the following factors: 1. Your User Account has been suspended or banned. 2. Invalid Identification 3. A different session is running on a different device. In case there is some other problem and you continue to face it, you can drop us a email at [email protected].
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How to log in from a new phone?
Unfortunately, using a new device to log in is not possible. We advise you to create a new account for the new device. For specific reasons, our customer care team can assist you in regaining access to your previous account. You can email us at [email protected].
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Why can't I log in because of VPN usage?
The use of a VPN is forbidden because a VPN hampers the type of polls and tasks suggested to you. For this reason, logging in with a VPN is not possible. Please disconnect your VPN connection to use the app.
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Can I log in from two different phones?
Unfortunately, you cannot log in from multiple devices. You can only log in from one device per account.
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How do I update or change my email?
We regret to inform you that you won’t be able to modify your registered email, as it goes against our privacy guidelines.
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Why am I unable to click on the “Continue Button” even after entering the correct details ?
Please provide the following details at [email protected], for us to check the device you are using - Device Name: Android Version: A brief video showing the issue. Note: Ensure that you have the latest PollPe app from the Play Store. Additionally, try troubleshooting steps like clearing app da
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